The Pierce County Gleaning Project could not happen without the support of our agricultural community and partner organizations.


In addition to providing our whole community with nourishing food, the following farmers have gone the extra mile and donated fresh produce that would have otherwise gone to waste into the emergency food system through gleaning and other avenues. Please consider supporting them when you are out doing your shopping!

Sanford's Farm - Orting, WA

Jeremy and Angela Sanford (and their three kids) are moving into their 2nd full season on their beautiful Orting valley farm. In 2013, We gleaned some delectable cucumbers from Sanford's! The 32 acre farm features fresh eggs and veggies!>

You can find Sanford's at: Their farm stand (opening soon!), and their CSA.

Terry's Berries (and Veggies too!)

Terry and Dick Carkner are long-standing members of the south sound farming community, as well a long-time supporter of the Gleaning Project. We gleaned and culled lettuce and squash from Terry's in 2013. Terry's 25 acre organic farm has a year-round CSA, a super-cool farm store, and tons of thriving berries!

You can Find Terry's Berries at: On-site farm store, CSA, Tacoma Farmers Markets, and the Tacoma Food Coop (eggs).

Zestful Gardens

Zestful Gardens is an organic farm run by the mother-daughter team of Val and Holly Foster. The beautiful 35-acre farm features an abundance of fresh veggies as well as meat and eggs. Zestful donated thousands of pounds of potatoes to the Gleaning Project last season!

You can find Zestful Gardens at: The Broadway, Proctor, and Stielacoom farmers markets, the Tacoma Food Coop. Zestful also has a great CSA!

Filbert Acres

Filbert Acres is a wonderful family farm run by Jonathon and Alison Nichols in the Puyallup valley. The Nichols bought the farm in 2009 and have replanted a major portion of the Filbert Orchard with a new generation of trees while growing tons of beautiful veggies! Filber also features a fantastic pork operation available now (Spring 2014). We have harvested Carrots, peas, and and beets from Filbert Acres in 2013 and 2014.

You can find Filbert Acres at:on-site at the farm (Saturdays 8am-2pm), their CSA

Little Eorthe

Little Eorthe is run by Carrie Little and her husband Ken. Little Eorthe is a incredibly dynamic farm that includes tons of wonderful organically produced veggies, berries, meat, flowers, beer, hops, honey, and eggs!

You can find Little Eorthe at: The Proctor Farmers Market, their CSA.

Picha Farms

Picha Farms is a third generation farm run by Dan, Russ, and Diane Picha. The Pichas grow bountiful berry crops in the summer and corn and pumpkins in the later months. Make sure to check out there corn maze and pumpkin patch in the fall! We have harvested raspberries, pumpkins, and corn over the past two seasons.

You can find Picha Farms at:Their farm stand

Duris' Cucumber Farm

Tom Duris runs this 2nd generation farm in the fertile Puyallup Valley. Duris has donated thousands upon thousands of pounds over the last several season to the Gleaning Project as well as SE FISH food bank and other emergency food sites!

You can find Duris at: Their farm stand (featuring much more than cukes!)

Tahoma Farms

Tahoma Farms is a 40 acre organic farm located in the rich Orting Valley. Kim and Dan Hulse are first generation farmers who purchased the farm in 2009. Tahoma grows an incredible variety of beautiful veggies that are found at markets across Puget Sound. Kim and Dan frequently donate to the emergency food system through Tahoma farms and Terra Organics.

You can find Tahoma at: Tacoma Food Coop, Marlene's Markets, Their CSA, and many other Puget Sound locations.

Scholz Farms

Scholz farms is a 4th generation family farm in the orting valley. Alan Scholz and his team grow thousands of pounds of rhubarb, corn, and other veggies every year that is distributed across the county! We harvested Rhubarb and Corn the in our 2012 season from Scholz!

You can find Scholz at: Their farm store, U-Pick, Puget sound produce stands.

Thank you to our Registered Fruit Tree Owners!

  • Courtney & Rob Love
  • Lou & Janey Rall
  • Erik & Kristen Brubaker
  • Rick & Julie Bennett
  • Barbara & Jim Roger
  • John Abbot
  • Elizabeth Ackerman
  • Sean and Jennifer Dean
  • Mary Arroyo Anderson
  • Helen Bache
  • Sally Barret (neighbor)
  • Bonnie Beaudoin
  • Joan Benderson
  • Sherry Benic
  • Mrs. Benson
  • Mark Bonsell
  • Mary Boone
  • Beverley Bowen-Bennett
  • Meredith Bradshaw
  • Mary Bradshaw
  • Irene Brewer
  • Tom Bryant
  • Carol Burger
  • Heidi Burke
  • Tony Caldwell/ Unitarian Church
  • Heather Carawan
  • Jody Casey
  • Jennifer Chaves
  • Cherylee Nimick
  • Rosemary Cicero
  • Joe Clabots
  • John Clemens
  • Angela Connelley
  • Charles Cook
  • Lisa Copp
  • William Cosgrove
  • Amy Crawford
  • Tricia Crook
  • Marlene Crumpton
  • Kate Cutting
  • Heidi D'Andrea
  • Linda Dean
  • Elizabeth Donaldson
  • Tiffaney Duane
  • Pat Dyer
  • Julie Easley
  • Nancy Elling
  • Butch Erichsen
  • Maureen Faccia
  • Peggy Flom
  • Christy Flynn
  • Lisa Foglia
  • Garry Fontain/ Bethlehem Lutheran Church
  • Melissa Ford
  • David Foster
  • Julia Garnett
  • Ryan Gibson
  • Donna Gillespie
  • Holli Greer
  • LeeAnn Hagen
  • Diane Harney
  • Zita Harris
  • Kay Hayes
  • Rithy Heng
  • Valerie Holloway
  • Marcy Horst
  • Bob Hughes
  • Stacey Isaac
  • Jerry Jacobson
  • Melissa Jewel
  • Julie Jones
  • Casandra Kamp
  • Aldoren Kauzlarich
  • Peggy Kennel
  • Chris Kimball
  • Laura Kinney
  • Sarah Knight
  • Cheryl Kopec
  • Bev Krashin
  • Rebecca Kreth
  • Larry L
  • Tina Lack
  • John Lakes
  • Doug Larsen
  • Nora Leider
  • Melissa Lovejoy
  • Julie M
  • Pat Manza
  • Ana Maria Sierra
  • Randy Martin
  • Anita Mayes- Gig Harbor Group Home
  • Sandy McDonald
  • Sandy McDonald
  • Susan Meadows
  • Mary Means
  • Linda Merriman
  • Mary Miner
  • Kate Modic
  • Irene Moser
  • Mike Munn
  • Annette Munoz
  • Tacoma Nature Center
  • Kristi Nebel
  • Marquita Nixon
  • Liz Novotney
  • William Oitman
  • Laurie O'Neil
  • Curran Orchard
  • Chad Osvog
  • Janet Owen
  • Janet Owen
  • Kate Packard
  • Brenda Patterson
  • Mary Patterson
  • Karen Powell
  • Guy Pratt
  • Stephanie Ramsey
  • Bernice Redding
  • Dave Ronald
  • Pauline Round
  • Nancy S
  • Juanita Sanders
  • Lisa Sater
  • Nick Schouten
  • Susan Scott
  • Lynn Severy
  • Shauna Shipley
  • Cathy Singleton
  • Lee Sledd
  • Douglas Smith
  • Thomas Smith
  • Tom Smith
  • Hubert Smith
  • Stephan Soluerson
  • Linda Spurell
  • Jeffry Steele
  • Cathy Steele
  • Heidi Stephens
  • Rees Stetson
  • Rose Stevens
  • Jessica Stone
  • Waldo Stone
  • Brad Thompson
  • Anita Thompson
  • Beth Thoms
  • Daniel Thorenson
  • Patti Turney
  • Jessica Uhler
  • Heather Valtee
  • Kathy Vervalin
  • Steve Webster
  • Douglas White
  • Deborah White
  • Pat Wieth
  • Alison Wiley
  • Dianna Williams
  • Ellenda Wulfestieg
  • Rita Yantormi
  • Sally York

In addition to our wonderful Puget Sound Farming community, we are also supported by the following organizations: