The Gleaning Project has been featured in articles by community members and the news media - here are some highlights!

Urban Green - Episode 4 (3:20) - The Gleaning Project is featured on a segmant on Amazing Trees.

"I was so grateful for their help and told my family and neighbors about the program. We were all blessed by the abundance of my fruit trees and the generosity of the Gleaners. The program gave me the opportunity to share in a way that was not possible on my own. I needed the team of many people working together to share fresh, local food." -Helen Bache, Homeowner and volunteer

Read more: A Shared Abundance: The Pierce County Gleaning Project - Helen Bache (December 2013)

"If you hate to see good food go to waste, you’ll be relieved to hear that The Pierce County Gleaning Project is actively working towards a solution."

Read more: FISH Wrap - June 2012

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