What is the Gleaning Project?

The Gleaning Project is a volunteer program of Harvest Pierce County and the Pierce Conservation District that works to reduce the amount of produce wasted in our community, provide more fresh food to those in need, and build community. This community based effort is a response to the dramatic increase in the number of people seeking food assistance in our county.

Since 2009, volunteers have harvested and shared over 300,000 lbs of fruit and produce. w of produce from farms

Farm Gleans

Most farmers are never able to sell everything they produce. Even if the produce is fresh, sometimes farmers are limited by regulations and aesthetics. Harvest Pierce County staff work with local farmers and organizes groups of volunteers to glean produce from their fields that they can no longer sell. The bounty is then distributed to food banks, meal sites, and community organizations. We also support volunteers to glean leftover food from vendors at Pierce County farmers markets.

Neighborhood Fruit Gleans

Fruit Trees can be abundant producers. Many people have fruit trees on their property that produce more than they can handle or never even get harvested! We work to prevent fruit waste by organizing volunteers to harvest trees at the homeowners request and share the bounty with local food banks and shelters.

Work Parties and Events

Throughout the year we host various work parties and community outreach events to spread the word about the Gleaning Project including everything from fruit tree classes to harvest celebrations!.

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